Premier Wine Center

At Premier Wine Center we assist you all the way through your wine making process to ensure you have a pleasant experience and create a great wine. Whether you choose your favorite style of wine, or need a bit of advice, we can assist you with selecting a wine that is best suited to your taste. We, at Premier Wine Center, strive to provide the best customer service and satisfaction the winemaking industry has to offer.

Our Winemaking Process

  1. Mix the ingredients and sprinkle the yeast.
  2. Make an appointment with us to bottle your wine.
  3. Bottle your wine and attach your labels. Customized labels are available for special occasions and to personalize your unique blends.
  4. Let your wine age.
  5. Indulge in your unique blend with friends and family and enjoy the experience that only great wines can bring.

300 Welland Ave.
St. Catharines ON
L2R 7L9

Tel. 905.641.1465
Fax. 905.347.0524

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